Buying or renovating your home will likely be the largest purchase you ever make. Going through the process of designing your home, selecting all the fittings and fixtures and then watching it start to rise out of the ground should be an exciting time in anyone’s life. Select the right builder and it will be

Are You Window Wise?  

When it comes to windows there are a range of compliance standards that are required.  In the design phase, clients are often surprised about what the requirements are in relation to the protection of openable windows. The Building Code of Australia outlines the requirement to protect certain openable windows against the risk of a young

Renovating Is a Journey

Renovating is a journey. Initially it can seem hard to see past the materials, the scaffolds and the dirt. But there is always a moment when your dream starts to visually take shape. For some it’s a window or doors, for others it’s plasterboard or fixtures. There is no better feeling than handing over a
New requirements for smoke alarms will apply in Queensland from 1 January 2017, due to changes made to the Fire and Emergency Act 2008. All building approval applications made after 31 December 2016 for new building work or substantial renovations to Class 1a or a sole occupancy unit of a Class 2 building must allow